Wasted With You

by Fred Irwin

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released October 1, 2012

Written & performed by Fred Irwin
Produced by Alistair Martin
Mastered by Fred Irwin & Alistair Martin
Artwork courtesy of Chihin Wong



all rights reserved


Fred Irwin UK

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Track Name: Wasted With You
We could be the stuff that dreams are made of and though you might disagree, you'll meet your match with me, that I guarantee.

I saw you across the crowded room
In your jeans and your leather and your favourite heels and your best perfume

You saw me in a shirt, no sleeves
I was drunk I was reckless but that doesn't mean that it wasn't meant to be

It's been said time enjoyed wasting isn't time wasted it's true
But after months of waiting, I'd rather be wasted with you

The entire time, you were on my mind
He was pissed, he was angry. The guy couldn't stand me. You were mine all mine

But I blew my chance, rejected all advances
Remember that time in my room back at mine and our Christmas dance

So he can raise his voice, swing his hands if it'll help
But you and I both know, you wish that I'd chose you as well

You're buried beneath my skin, on my mind all of the time
But if the choice was given, come morning girl you would be mine

I can't change what's passed but given half the chance
I'd be everything that you could want me to be. We'd be unsurpassed

I saw you in a greasy spoon
I wasn't eating or sleeping, then along you came. How did I ever find you?

If you take one chance on me, I'd be wasted, time-wasting with you
You don't need me but I want to get wasted with you
Track Name: Find My Way Home (Acoustic)
If I could find my way home, you know I'd go and sleep alone
But every time I take two steps I find I'm chasing after you
If I could have you to hold, you know I'd never let you go
It's not that I'm scared or lost I just don't know what I'm to do

You are a prize in your own right, worth every step of the chase
And when I am with you my heart begins to race
If things could change I could be your Romeo
Kiss me. It makes sense you know

Don't write me off just yet, this could get easier
You don't know the half of it or just how much I please her
If things could change she could be my Juliet
Don't count me out, I'm not finished yet

Oh no, he never deserved you. Not one single kiss
And from what I've heard I know that he won't be missed
If things could change you wouldn't want just any guy
And you could find some room for me in your life