Nights Like These

by Fred Irwin

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released November 26, 2012

Written and performed by Fred Irwin
Produced by Alistair Martin
Cover art by Chihin Wong



all rights reserved


Fred Irwin UK

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Track Name: I'm Getting Pissed Tonight
Let's get the beers in, have some fun
and act 16 until we're 21
Cos growing up, it's overrated
Truth be told I fucking hate it

Getting drunk and getting laid
beats getting jobs and getting paid
Life's too short to share regrets
So share the beers and the cigarrettes

Because we live for nights like these
When the world has brought us to our knees
So pass the vodka please

I've got a beer and a bong, and a load of shit wrong, and you by my side.
It would be great if you could join me cos I'm getting pissed tonight.
Track Name: Goodnight, Irene
I cruise to yours as the rain hits the visor
and the shit hits the fan and I lay silent beside you
We sit in tears for what feels like years
As I think about the days when you were mine

You wake screaming as I wake to tears streaming down your face
We slept so tight and squeezed tighter but now most nights I wanna fight you

And I miss the mornings I'd wake in another bed
Next to bottles and cans and a sink half-full of cigarrettes
The times that I'd forget I was chasing you

You call a doctor or your father cos when I'm there you won't let your guard down
You've got Brooklyn or Rickie to talk with when you're not with me

And I miss the nights that I'd sleep with a stranger
When the nights weren't just for fun but for the thrill and the danger
of getting caught and keeping it from you
Track Name: Slip Away
Charlotte if you take my hand then we can end tonight the way we planned to end the nights that we let slip away

I remember when I saw you there, a pretty girl, ugly affair
For a while I thought that you could do no wrong

The prettiest of all the faces, cracking tits no airs or graces
but now you're just a line in a song

I know that we were both unkind and in the end we were both resigned
that we'd only come running back when we're alone

What's the point in moving on when you still don't know where belong
and the one you want to follow stayed at home

You never wanted me and I never needed you
but that don't mean that I'd turn you away
It's the same thing every time cos I can't be yours and you can't be mine
but I'd have just one more dance if I had my way
Track Name: Find My Way Home
If I could my way way home you know I'd go and sleep alone
but every time I take two steps I find I'm chasing after you
If I could have you to hold you know I'd never let you go
It's not that I'm scared or lost I just don't know what I'm to do

You are a prize in your own right, worth every step of the chase
And when I am with you my heart begins to race
If things could change, I could be your Romeo
Kiss me, it makes sense you know

Don't write me off just yet this could get easier
You don't know the half of it or just how much I please her
If things could change, she could be my Juliet
Don't count me out, I'm not finished yet

Oh no, he never deserved you, not one single kiss
and from what I've heard I know that he won't be missed
If things could change, you wouldn't want just any guy
and you could find some room for me in your life
Track Name: To the Dogs
You may think it's the drink that's talking
but I can see and I'm still walking
Take my hand and close your eyes because
it won't be 12AM forever
so kiss me cos it's now or never
If I'm wrong then throw me to the dogs

I've seen the good, I've kissed the bad and I've fucked the ugly
You've seen much better but it's just one night and I'm feeling lucky

I know you're with him, your one and only but he's not here tonight
What he doesn't know cannot hurt him and we both know what you're like

Your friends aren't looking so lets head off to the quiet spot over there
Just keep it down and I'll keep it up and I'll keep it out of your hair

So grab another drink
Loosen up, don't think
Take my hand and lets go
You won't remember this tomorrow
Track Name: Where Are You
Where the hell are you tonight?
I stand by what I said but hun I didn't want to fight
My back is turned cos I don't want to see you cry
We can talk it through I swear to you just please not tonight

I'll get home from work and then it starts, it always starts
Your voice is raised and you can't contain it, you tell me that you always faked it
I'm sick and tired of you being sick and tired of me

I'll drown my pain in drink, you say it's wrong, I'm always wrong
Tempers rise and a door gets punched in, you leave the house and I'm left here wondering why the hell I'm still here

They say that arguing is healthy but it's killing me I swear
You're never wrong and you won't believe me when I tell you that I care
Track Name: Don't Panic
I'll sit in the kitchen with you
We'll bitch until we're blue in the face
We'll talk about the weather and how much we both have changed
and I'll say

Although I wish that I could write songs like Tim or Noel or Frank
I don't care for fame or fortune as long as I don't owe the bank
I don't need me any fine wine although this cider's pretty rank
Oh no, I just need you

You'll laugh, I'll crack a little smile
We sit silent for a while
til you move to make a cup of tea
You use my favourite mug, you're in love

with another fucking arsehole who's got inside your head
and he doesn't even know it, he just wants you in his bed
then once he's got just what he once he'll leave you like the rest
I know he won't miss you

You'll cry about how
You've searched all around for someone like me
But it's never ever me, no it's never fucking me
You're never fucking me

You say you wish that you could be like the girls on the TV
You're lusting after something more and I know just what you mean
But just smile, please cos darling you've got me and
I know that I've got you

But you fail to even see it, you're convinced that you're alone
but you've got prospects, friends and family and a big arse country home
And me, yes me, I just want you for my own unbeknown to you
Oh, you
Track Name: Josh & Patches Find a Sombrero
I met her in a muddy field
I thought she was pretty
and that I'd like to cop a feel
of her E cup titties

We rolled around in the dirt
Her jeans got covered
I gave her a kiss
and straight away wanted another

Although she was nice
she couldn't hold her drink
but I'd really like to get to know her
because I think we're on the brink

of a summer of

sun, sex and suspicious friends
and highs we wish would never end
You can laugh at all my awful rhymes
but it's your turn to hold back my hair this time

Empty fields with lots of cows
Living in the here and now
September ain't that far away
so let's fuck until tomorrow's yesterday
Track Name: Crimson Skies
Crimson skies burn your eyes
Candy floss clouds cluster as the faith inside you dies
Realise that your prize
the curse to live forever, the cost of all your lies

We are those, the ones you knew from long ago
and you are lost, like dreams buried under the snow
and now we know your past is such a bitter woe

Life goes on, we live and some will fade away
a token cost like watching those that you love decay
Someday we pray life will not have to end this way
Track Name: Wasted With You
We could be the stuff that dreams are made of and though you might disagree, you'll meet your match with me, that I guarantee.

I saw you across the crowded room
In your jeans and your leather and your favourite heels and your best perfume

You saw me in a shirt, no sleeves
I was drunk I was reckless but that doesn't mean that it wasn't meant to be

It's been said time enjoyed wasting isn't time wasted it's true
But after months of waiting, I'd rather be wasted with you

The entire time, you were on my mind
He was pissed, he was angry. The guy couldn't stand me. You were mine all mine

But I blew my chance, rejected all advances
Remember that time in my room back at mine and our Christmas dance

So he can raise his voice, swing his hands if it'll help
But you and I both know, you wish that I'd chose you as well

You're buried beneath my skin, on my mind all of the time
But if the choice was given, come morning girl you would be mine

I can't change what's passed but given half the chance
I'd be everything that you could want me to be. We'd be unsurpassed

I saw you in a greasy spoon
I wasn't eating or sleeping, then along you came. How did I ever find you?

If you take one chance on me, I'd be wasted, time-wasting with you
You don't need me but I want to get wasted with you